Unique Gift Ideas for Sporty September Chicks

by Andy Whitley August 25, 2017 1 Comment

Nothing is better than lavishing your active and sporty loved ones with gifts
that will help them grow stronger, happier, and healthier! We always go for plain
and boring gifts just because we don’t have any idea on what to buy or simply, we
just don’t have any time to spare. If you’re looking for a gift for your loved ones
born in the month of September, unique and stylish gifts are your best bet! To
match the elegance and sophistication of your sporty September babies, we’ve
listed down wonderful and unique ideas below.

1. Nintendo Wii Fit
If it’s too cold outside for morning jogs and workout, this will be the perfect
fitness pal for your September chick. This will help improve her balance and
strength as it features various exercises and activities. Exergaming at a
whole new level!

2. Sports Leggings
Sweatpants should never be an option for daily jogs and workout,
especially during winter. A pair of lightweight, form-fitting, and sweat
wicking leggings should be her exercise buddy instead. Want to make her
feel like a queen even during workouts? This stylish pair of September
Sapphire Rose Leggings from Birthstone Deals is your best choice!

© Birthstone Deals

3. Yoga Mat
Many may say that yoga mats are plain boring. However, there are plenty
of yoga mats in various funky colors and styles to choose from. Is your
September lady very feminine? Choose yoga mats with floral or vintage
patterns. Is your September lady adventurous and carefree? Choose yoga
mats with statements artworks or mandala designs.

© La Vie Boheme Yoga

4. Sneakers
A pair of lovely sneakers to adorn her lovely feet is also a wonderful idea
for a gift. Make sure that it is lightweight and has a comfortable fit which is
excellent for exercising, running, and even everyday wear. Don’t have any
ideas on what to pick for her? This fashionable pair of September Queen
Floral Sneakers from Birthstone Deals is the perfect gift for your loved one!

© Birthstone Deals

A person born on September absolutely deserves the best gifts matching
their strong personalities. Show your love by choosing from these top, unique
picks now. Whether your loved one is an amateur athlete, a hardcore gym rat, or
simply just a fitness enthusiast, these sporty gifts will definitely keep her creative and motivated.

Andy Whitley
Andy Whitley


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