12 Reasons August is the best month to have a birthday

Unless you’re massively worried about ageing, most of us usually look forward to a birthday.

Presents, cake, a lie-in, a night out – however you want to celebrate it’s your special day.

But those of us lucky enough to have entered the world during August surely have the best birthdays of all?

1. You’ll have been one of the youngest in your year at school, meaning all those mates you’ve been hanging out with since forever are all getting older before you. You’re still playing cute catch up on the big numbers.

2. It’s probably sunny on your big day, so you can plan for beer gardens and outdoor parties.

3. But even if it’s not you’ve probably got a holiday to look forward to, or you might even already be off work and away.

4. Because traditionally the summer holiday month is all fun, fun, fun for you and everyone else.

5. Born before August 21 and you’re a Leo, the best and most important of all of the star signs because you are ruled by the sun. Do a big cat birthday roar for yourself.


6. And if you’re a Virgo that’s pretty great too, who doesn’t want to be intelligent and practical?

7. The sales have ended and the Autumn/Winter drops are in stores, meaning better quality presents for you!

8. No one can use work as an excuse not to book that weekend long celebration because you know – August Bank Holiday Monday.

9. Loads of cool people have their birthdays in August so you are in the best company, celebrating alongside Madonna, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Barack Obama, Andy Warhol, Usain Bolt and Mick Jagger.

10. You’ve never had to endure spending your special day at school, suffering the indignity of your class singing Happy Birthday in a lacklustre fashion or giving you the bumps at playtime.

11. And exams will always have been over by the time you’re lighting those candles.

In fact, no one really does any work in August no matter your age or job. 

12. Long daytime hours means longer to party, it never really gets late in August.

So party on you August children and Happy Birthday

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